Tarot Reading

A wonderful tool for self-development, clarity and insight, Tarot is YOU.  It is a powerful symbolic system of personality patterns (archetypes) that allows you to gain more clarity and personal power in your life.  When using Tarot, this is when I feel I am really communicating with Universal Wisdom and connecting with ones inner self.  Tarot is wonderful for accessing inner wisdom, creating personal transformation, and is a bridge to the subconscious mind.  It is, in essence, "a mirror of the soul."  It is an amazing, wise source for which I've   developed a deep respect.

Angel Card

Angel Cards are another form of Tarot, but they do not have the harsh images which are shown on Tarot Cards.  An Angel Card Reading calls on your Angels and Spirit Guides to deliver messages about your life's path, choices, career, health, friends, and family.  Most people find the reading enlightening and visually stunning.  That is not to say that the reading is sugar-coated, the Angel Cards do deliver the truth about your life, be it positive or negative.  Angel Cards Readings are by far my favorite reading to give people! 

Psychic Reading

This is the most detailed reading that I offer.  This reading is a one-on-one psychic connection that uses no external tools.  It more geared towards relationships and lifes path because it is all about based energy.  I can feel the energy of the people  you are emotionally connected to and their intentions, feelings, and emotions.  I can tell you how your loved ones truly feel about you and the future developments of those relationships.  My Psychic Reading is very informative about your life as well as the people in it past, present, and future.

10 min for $30

20 min for $60

30 min $75